A Perfect Solution for Cleaner, Fresher Indoor Air

Carrier Healthy Air Expert dealers are the specialists you can turn to for your indoor air quality solutions. With today’s rising concerns about air quality, allergens, and respiratory illnesses, more and more homeowners are looking for solutions to improve their indoor air quality. Carrier’s complete line of Healthy Home Solutions include the products you can trust to improve the air in your home.




Let’s Clear the Air

Improving indoor air quality doesn’t stop with just having the right products. When selecting your dealer, look for the Carrier Healthy Air Expert designation. Carrier Healthy Air Experts have completed a course and passed a comprehensive test covering a wide variety of Indoor Air Quality topics including:

  • The importance of indoor air quality
  • Types of indoor air quality problems
  • Identifying the right solution for each type of problem
  • Limitations of portable/room purification devices
  • Principles of air filtration
  • Industry standards for filtration and ventilation
  • Indoor air quality technologies
  • Carrier’s collection of IAQ products

And because not all IAQ products are created equal, Carrier dealers understand the benefits of using Carrier IAQ products and will explain the differences of various technologies so that you can make an informed decision.

Ask your Carrier Healthy Air Expert dealer to explain the benefits of the Carrier Infinity Air Purifier—the only product of its kind with an exclusive, patented technology that efficiently captures a variety of microscopic airborne particles and actively kills germs like bacteria, molds and viruses, including viruses that cause the flu and common cold. No other product on the market today matches the germicidal capability of the Infinity Air Purifier.